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Monitor Archive for October 16, 1986

Cosmic battle -- star gazers vs. a furry red relic of the Ice Age. Astrophysicists eye new perch for world's largest telescope
Once awash in oil dollars, New Orleans faces $10 million deficit
Soviets place summit blame at Reagan's feet. But tone of regret rather than recrimination leaves door open
World Series memories leap to mind for veteran broadcaster. Mays's catch, Lavagetto's hit stand out
PBS presents eight new series, many specials
The Paris Bourse belies France's socialist cast
Glasnost: change of style but not substance
Japanese give thumbs up to US position at Reykjavik meeting
Economic woes test Venezuela's commitment to press freedom. Changing oil fortunes puts government at odds with critics
Dining in my presence
What do you mean, a `private' operation?
2 key OPEC nations push even lower prices as long-term ploy
West Europe to consider further sanctions against S. Africa
Manet in Moscow, Matisse on the Hudson
Microcomputers helping to reshape Kenyan government
Arms control focus now shifts to Geneva. Momentum from Iceland summit stressed
A touch of the past
`Groucho' blends the antic and nostalgic in a stage tribute
Terror victims' SOS answered
When it comes to new music, audiences like a helping hand
Voyager project is NASA's shining star
S. Africa will pay to evade sanctions. Enterprising middlemen willing to help Pretoria circumvent restrictions are likely to score big profits
The substance we're truly dependent on
The digging work
Food for the world
China's space program fires up for foreign customers and currency
The agent who fell to earth
A few states hold out on drinking age. States allowing drinking under 21 begin to lose federal funds
New Zealand: full steam ahead with plan to save its geysers
Immigration bill on move. But neither friend nor foe likes the compromise
`I'm Ed Bradley'. Emmy Award-winning reporter on CBS's `60 Minutes' has come a long way since his first job on the air as a radio disc jockey
Did summit boost Reagan politically?

How academic freedom fared under McCarthyism
Penny wise and pound foolish on Embassy Row
Exhortation to a canticle