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Monitor Archive for October 14, 1986

Stacking the federal court system
Black gains expected Nov. 4. Top offices elusive but US House, local prospects good
One man's folly is another's fun
Joseph Wood Krutch in the Sonoran Desert
The '80s and the '20s: We can profit by being cautious, not cringing
Planet program is shaky. Although frustrated by launch delays and budget cuts, NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory is moving ahead with missions to the...
God causes healing
Credit unions help members buy cars at reduced rates
At unlikely moments
New Zealand military says defense rift with US hurts
Europeans of two minds on talks
Israel's Shamir: quiet but ideologically tough
Human rights in US: Moscow turns the tables on Washington
Halfway house that's all in the family
Shaw's `You Never Can Tell': fresh and beguiling as ever
A physicist `obsessed with the future'
Moral education: consensus in a pluralistic society
Late rallies, unsung heroes featured in weekend playoff action
Soviets to take case of failed arms accord to Europe. They plan propaganda blitz to stress Kremlin's concessions in Iceland
A thorn in the side of Paraguay regime
The vastness of the desert and the middle of an onion
New rush for gold hits the world's mines. Prices, technology spur search, but South Africa clouds demand
Fund raising overshadows issues. THE RACE FOR MONEY. These days candidates raise dollars, TV does the campaigning
A bit of stone
Subterranean plant conservatory. Rare collections to be kept under San Antonio's botanical `hats'
The `real' and `on paper' minds of a poet
Rights groups raise concerns over police torture of political opponents in Mexico
Post toasty
There's still lots of wealth in the hills of the Golden West. New techniques make formerly marginal mines worth working
Freeman Dyson
Summit collapse tests Reagan's leadership. Breakdown focuses attention on `star wars' and ABM Treaty
Probing the edge of the solar system
White House watch
Putting time in its place
Today's `panning' is by the mechanized shovelful
The high drama of two centuries of Chinese revolution
Two leaders, two styles, analyzed on TV
TV's James Burke: waging a battle against blind certainty
Darjeeling, India -- where the aroma of tea and dissent mingle. Picturesque hill town at center of Gurkhas' push for autonomy
Takeover time overtakes corporate hierarchies yet again
Air traffic controllers try to unionize
El Salvador staggered by cost of quake relief. Disaster takes high human, economic, and political toll on nation