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Monitor Archive for January 30, 1986

Cranston's bid for reelection to Senate boosted by turmoil in Republican ranks. US Rep. Fiedler indicted for attempted bribery
Israel tackles renewed Palestinian threat in Lebanon with return to 1982 tactics
Challenger's loss hobbles US space program. Significant delay in missions affects Europeans as well as US and sparks debate about high reliance on m...
Challenge to business: employment, not unemployment
Black anger, white fear
Resighting the space program
`Peter the Great' is sumptuous but awkwardly written
Preparing for peace
An artist's eye on creativity
Uganda's new ruler vows to purge Army and renew economy
Why should the US back Jonas Savimbi?
The outlook for hurricanes this year? Quieter than normal, says one forecaster
Winter triathlon a unique variation on endurance racing theme
Animating with light pencil on a computer screen
Ribbons, bows, and baskets turn gift giving into a business
Entrepreneurs share tips on business success
Steep insurance costs prompt fishermen to rethink safety on deck
Culture clash
Shuttle missions originally planned for the rest of 1986
A dove among eagles: teaching us about space and ourselves
Peking's wooing of Taiwan includes an offer of trade across the strait
A composer looks at computers
Central America in US foreign policy The making of US policy for Central America is a textbook example of the challenges of building national consen...
Is it art, or a complex refrigerator light?
When the car door slams and your keys are still inside