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Monitor Archive for January 22, 1986

Selective thinking
Letters to the Editor. Governments' responsibility
The Marcos Military. Can a divided army beat the communist insurgency?
Voyager 2 beams back tantalizing scenes of Uranus
Shaky Ugandan peace accord breaks down
Peking turns up heat in fight against corruption
Eye-opening journey through the villages of Alaska
Los Angeles courts working nights to clear backlog
Platinum for your portfolio? Luster is there, but small investors should be careful.
It was an orchid, now it is a Blackadder orchid
Once the whitest of white elephants, Concorde is flying high
Soviets powerless as Marxists fight it out in S. Yemen
News In Brief
Novel by Fuentes ruminates on fate of Ambrose Bierce
Crossing the Soviet border
Living the American dream
When cold weather sets in, keep those water pipes warm
Fondue fondly remembered. It's still a simple way to serve and socialize
Fishermen's strike and weather boost seafood prices
Pro-Syrian Lebanese aim to isolate Christians
Super Bowl-bound Patriots ease years of racial tensions among Boston sports fans
Hormel local persists in strike
Very glad to have a nose
Pro football: from $25 franchises to gold-plated Super Bowl
Northern Hemisphere gazer's guide
Suddenly remembered on behalf of someone else
As Moscow emphasizes Asia