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Monitor Archive for January 17, 1986

Stories of jazz's journey from pop music to `art'
Washington opens `thinking man's' Impressionist show
A controversial spokeswoman for the peace movement
Farm Bureau wants government to ease off. But new president says `you don't eat the elephant in one bite'
Stop the case?
Europe picks politics over economics when the topic is sanctions. Sanctions don't work and would increase tensions, diplomats say
A stiff IRS `research' audit requires v-e-r-y c-a-r-e-f-u-l records
Long and short of sharing stock gains (or losses) with Uncle Sam
Conquering destructive criticism
Letting democracy sell itself
Who are you going to call when things go awry?
The art of Robert Templeton: a curator's view

Lakers and Celtics dominating NBA again as halfway point nears
In Philippine south, `ghost voters' visit polls
Two women sitting down
The Soviets' new Japan card
Investment-letter ups 'n downs. Heavy-hitting advisers one year may strike out the next
Meeting of Latin American leaders gives impetus to regional peace effort
Choosing an income-tax preparer from the seasonal proliferation
The challenge of mapping your way through '86 tax uncertainties
Managers suddenly out of a job are finding professional counsel
How two colleges fuel entrepreneurs
News In Brief
Read a good tax book lately? You may score points with the IRS
Power struggle in S. Yemen highlights Soviet role in strategic region
Newsmen debate fairness of TV portrayal
`Star wars' remains key issue in arms talks. It is not only point of dispute but is so central only US, Soviet leaders could resolve the impasse
US urges action on killing of Filipino oppositionist
Home fix-up
TV drama `Murrow' proves as controversial as the man himself. Oversimplification doesn't obscure its importance
Spanning English Channel: spirit willing, but method disputed. Wary of union militancy, Britons prefer road-rail link