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Monitor Archive for January 16, 1986

Thatcher government rocked by new disclosures in Westland affair
Network TV. After years of decline, better days ahead?
W. German mayor scouting high tech in US. Hamburg leader looks at Boston for tips to spur economy back home
`There is nevertheless something one likes about him'
Paradox on drug efforts
`Booking up' before Super Bowl; Villanova's Pressley impressive
Sweet sleep
NBC will spend for a timeout -- respite in Super Bowl hype
San Antonio D.J.: `There's quality metal, and there's scrap metal'
Arms control: proposals and commitment
Chronicling the heroes who are restoring the US environment
Divide and conquer is the strategy US must take to beat the Mafia, report says
Quacker crumbs
Exquisite arithmetic. (Upon discovering the secret of the pine)
Eskimos seek their own territory in Canada's icy north country
Reading the barometer of America's political system
Acid rain: diversion or action?
Flat and convex car mirrors help cover all the angles
Blockbuster art shows. Are these mammouth undertakings worth all the bother?
Women's peace group takes root