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Monitor Archive for September 9, 1985

US probe closes in on rendezvous with comet Giacobini-Zinner. It will study comet's tail, show whether spacecraft can survive such missions
A few facts on Ghana
Footwear for the workplace
History of sanctions shows South Africa's resilience
Conrail: Which track? How much steam?
Reagan and Congress travel diverging paths. On taxes, sanctions, trade, farm aid

Remote Somalia: `There's nothing here'. But a closer look reveals scrub, solemn storks, and a snake woman
Heather surrounds us where we stand
Multicultural theater of the future. It plans $12 tickets, free child care, and a mix of new and classic plays
Taiwan financial scandal sparks crisis of confidence in leadership
Drugs in baseball
AIDS and ostracism
Japanese management: doing it right
Mandlikova silences critics, shows new toughness in US Open win
Latin American oil finds come at right time. Despite slow market, oil finds will be boon to area's debt-ridden economies
Stephen Biko inquest provides powerful docu-drama for TV
Secret balloting by mail redefines democracy for British unions
With its '70s oil spree over, Venezuela looks to mopping up debt
Journalists and the Kremlin
Going Back to School: Part 5. Governors mount major drive on education. TOMORROW: How parents view reform
Immigration Reform. Amnesty: emotional issue in immigration debate on Capitol Hill. Reagan, Hill leaders call it a fair and necessary step
Corporate history may contain a few lessons for today's managers
Working for the best
Mexican museum-goers -- art lovers of all classes
Airliner incidents in Milwaukee and Britain focus attention on jet engines [BY]By Lucia Mouat, Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor
Women of Ghana
`Meddling with the West'
Jazz greats Hendricks and Ross reunited after 20 years
Can-do spirit in Houston runs deeper than oil. The oil slump has cost Houston over 100,000 jobs. But people there refuse to knuckle under.
Denmark wins battle of the mails
Learn the rules of smart shoe shopping. They'll save you time and money
Albania looks West for help in boosting oil output. But economic cooperation with other nations is not seen as shift in isolationist policy
N. Korea said to want diplomacy -- not war -- to reunify Korea
S. Africa faces mounting Colored opposition to its racial policies
Theme Park
US parks dust off after busy summer