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Monitor Archive for September 25, 1985

Letters to the Editor. Maggie's record
Egypt's urgent crisis: foreign debt
Trade momentum slowed in Congress
Sharp drop in post-quake tourism comes at a bad time for Mexico
Taxes: The elusive goal of reform
The not-so-subtle Brussels sprout
Mexico's vital oil connection
PAINTING... The Nightinale
French press gets story right. Long criticized for its deference to political power, the press has shown backbone and perseverance in covering the G...
Effects of new Reagan trade policy. Falling dollar could help US exporters
Preserving an agrarian heritage
Superfund liability law impedes work of engineers
Young Doug Lewis emerging as America's top downhill ski racer
Future of Mexican government tied to handling of quake
Comedy about a heartless adventuress doesn't quite stir the heart The Custom of the Country Play by Jane Stanton Hitchcock, adapted from the novel b...
Sparkling book details the nostalgic dream of living in the country
China adds youth, education to Politburo
Egypt's premier chosen to boost economy
Taxes: Key features of Reagan tax-reform plan
Taxes: Sketching last 20 years of tax reform
Taxes: US taxes vs. foreign taxes
Philippines fails to meet conditions of loan
Great Lakes trout make a comeback. Yet reason that fish stocks won't reproduce in number still unknown
Homemade snacks cut down on costs and chemical additives
Elections to be held in Sikh stronghold amid voter apathy. Punjab poll aims to end direct rule from central government in New Delhi
Visit with a Soviet playwright. Edvard Radzinsky here for US premi`ere of `Lunin: Theatre of Death'
News In Brief
A Marxist agenda
Deciding whether to let your bank keep those canceled checks
Art book unites poet and Picasso. Elegant, candid calligraphy and etchings celebrate Gongora's verse
Career advancement
College-aptitude scores end 20-year slide. Minorities in Class of '85 make gains, but they still lag whites
Finally, action and not just talk on US-Japanese trade imbalance
Give children's lunches a little more punch
Juilliard president Polisi sees Western music threatened
US easing its `tough guy' stand on debts of developing nations