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Monitor Archive for September 20, 1985

Downdraft in general aviation spurs mergers, new flight plans
`Cold calls' should give you the shivers
Robert Stanger: bullish on shelters, a bear on tax reform
A People's Culture. Armenian dance takes on Soviet touches
Caldwell, Texas, proud of Czech settlers and their contribution to America
Khomeini: Iranian press is a real snooze
Against research?
Romanians flock to see Billy Graham
Breaking the 1 percent barrier
Breaking out of Boston's ghetto
Trying to make presidential elections more compelling and less expensive
Romantic odyssey of an Englishwoman -- in song and dance Song and Dance Musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber (music) and Don Black (lyrics). American adap...
The spunky Nissan Sentra
Duarte: funds with safeguards
Contadora could be useful tool if US, Nicaragua changed policies
A collection of books for the new investor's portfolio
Pro sports in tough race with cocaine abuse
Does prayer help?
Henderson's commentaries show mark of optimistic realist
A social revolution
Is your verbal arsenal loaded for bear?
Getting into movies -- as an investor -- could send you reeling
Letters to the Editor. When rain falls not . . .
Stakes are high in push to drill for oil off California. Areas of greatest promise lie in rich fishing grounds or sensitive habitats
Greece is third NATO country to be shaken by revelations of East-bloc espionage
News In Brief
Three continuing challenges. Education: parents' rising expectations
La peinture
`Faceless' Toronto Blue Jays win via depth, balance, clutch play
A minister turns his concern into action
Drug abuse by pros may influence young athletes
Freed hostage spotlights other captives
US reeling over Canadian fish