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Monitor Archive for September 19, 1985

News In Brief
Gould's hound-dog yarn spun with stuff of legend
Growers' influence blossoms as immigration bill takes shape
Thailand unlikely to have seen its last coup. Coups seen as fast track for officers to top of military hierarchy
French newspaper stirs up trouble for Mitterrand. `L'affaire Greenpeace' said to be turning into `UnderWatergate'
US protectionism threatens '86 trade talks
Turkey: a mix of the modern -- and authoritarian
Villanova eases back into varsity football after four-year absence
Ride the rails
2 term presidents
Midwest rallies to train workers, lure business, stem jobs exodus. Service jobs haven't made up for manufacturing loss
Protectionism and jobs
The Sea Breeze Motel
Turkey gives temporary haven to fleeing Iranians on way to US
Tables have turned on Alaska's natives. Villagers watch money from settlement dwindle; land could be next
N.Y. Philharmonic's Druckman -- the virtuoso communicator
Fire hasn't damaged spirit of New York City Opera
A people's culture. Rugs of Armenia
Salvadorean security agents and the law
Wilderness experiences
MOZAMBIQUE:Rebel base captured by joint Zimbabwe-Mozambique strike
Unball creator finds invention takes hard work and soft ideas
To see things whole
Our Russian neighbors in London: friends or spies?
Greenpeace works for global awareness of environment
SETTING SAIL. Five `cadets' learn the ropes on a nine-day Maritime Wilderness cruise
The ANZUS angle
The melting pot: half empty?