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Monitor Archive for September 18, 1985

US firms see competitive edge in `co-op' approach to costly R&D
Canada wants free trade with the US, but spurns `star wars'
Fall shoes shine with new glamor
What Africa grows
Fresh look at the quintessential revolutionary
For Paris youth, rags are the rage
Stand-up guys
Armenia and its people: a history of struggle
Fort Wayne puts pedal to the metal. When major truck company closed, city rallied to create jobs
A blueprint for African survival as presented in The Christian Science Monitor series ending today:
Scottish wool firm launches its first ready-to-wear line
Fashions begin to sizzle in Seattle
Time for a little hosiery hoopla
Tapestries move off the wall, into the wardrobe
Jazz pianist puts his own stamp on Bach fugues
Classic lines, soft silhouettes, fancy styles arrive with autumn
River view
S. Africa's Angola raid seen as muscle-flexing exercise
Tokyo designs make waves in Paris
The little black dress is back -- day and night. It's a versatile background for scarves and jewelry
A Sunday painter who never mistrusted his hand
Bringing a `green revolution' to a barren continent
Push for new credit cards calls for old wisdom in their use
For men: new elegance, color, comfort
Bulk up and slim down in skiwear
Turbans are once again turning heads
Why Wallington wrote. Scholarly study portrays a Puritan's crisis of belief [BY]By Thomas D'Evelyn
From butterflies to brash and black.
Improving TV news
Under pressure, book publishers agree to more emphasis on evolution. California case may affect other states' treatment of creationism in school tex...
Eccentric splash and . . . . . . practical dash. London designers show flair for fantasy, but their clothes are wearable, too
`West Side Story' -- the second time around
Letters to the Editor. Respect for law
Bay State's new work program moves thousands off welfare
Updating your wardrobe
TOPPING IT OFF. Hats complete the head-to-toe look
Sumptuous array of accessories
A success story with yams
An '80s romance
Somali gas shortage -- or how a camel is worth more than a car
Sweaters of Scotland. Knitting industry recruits design talent
From Khartoum to Cape Town: AFRICAN JOURNEY. Notes from the border badlands
Fashion talk
Scarves: tie, twist and wrap them
What `goes with' what? You decide!
Relations between US and Mozambique, once cool, are getting warmer
Showing the Senate at work
A better approach to bureaucracy--part 2
The sky's the limit in flair and price for Paris couture
Old friends(Writers meet with Eric and Marcelle)

Business highlights
Olympic champion sees rising interest in cycling in this country
Alterations aren't always the answer
The most celebrated `six myles' of US history
SCOTLAND/ Thatcher's modes and methods set Glasgow's teeth on edge
Flavors of Armenia