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Monitor Archive for September 16, 1985

Playful sculptor de Saint Phalle
How Royals stay composed; second base now Oester's oyster
N. Zealand tries to mend fences with US on ship visits
News In Brief
Thailand: security and economy
For man who coined `Engfish,' honesty is the key to clear writing
Colleges need to be overhauled for new economy, report says
Letting the public in on Senate debate
Learning how to learn
Iran seeks to break out of isolation. But Iran finds it hard to make friends while exporting revolution
Safe in the air
When it comes to bread, Russians don't loaf
Convention for men's rights
Letters to the Editor. Assessing South Africa
A place of brilliance and repose
Texas free-traders knee deep in foreign oil
Comet data confirm some expectations, unveil surprises. Results support `dirty-snowball' theory of comet composition
First-rate ancient art back on display at the Met
British cities tense over rising joblessness
Egypt: new hope for cotton trade . . .
Glassblower's journey from Ireland to Vermont. The art of blown glass brought to fire and light by master craftsman Simon Pearce
Jordan and Syria to hold high-level talks
Louisiana governor going to trial. Fraud charges against Edwards stem from hospital-permit scheme
Goyen's haunting stories evoke the rural Texas past
Current comedies prove one good guffaw is better than 40 winks
Soviets court people of Hokkaido with friendship centers and fish
The two sides of abundance. Record crop year means a bigger surplus in the US, but other regions have devastating shortages