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Monitor Archive for September 13, 1985

Balancing needs of livestock and wildlife
Civilized, elegant, lovely -- and expensive -- Bermuda
Sky-high liability costs have wide impact. Companies cancel policies or jack up premiums to cover increasing risks
Grapes and granite
Feminist-in-exile decries growing oppression in Egypt
Wholly of God
S. Africa race policy dealt second blow
Tulane football accepts challenge of major college competition
Harpo's harping
In search of fall foliage outside of New England
Musicians: beware the temptation to imitate
On election eve, Sweden lets an unprofitable business go under
For safer air travel
A Japanese `Macbeth' in Scotland. Samurais replace Highlanders; Birnam Wood becomes cherry blossom trees
How an African rock can boost food production
History-steeped Iona: ancient Christian outpost off Scotland's coast
People of Birmingham speak out on riots. `It's all about jobs,' says a black man; `rubbish,' says a policeman
Spouses and government service
Pragmatist Reagan backs off on trade, S. Africa
Home fix-up
Pacifism's twilight in Costa Rica
One forecast for finding the needed balance
Washington must do more to fight poverty, two economists say
Struggles of an Egyptian feminist
The Barbara Walters interview: entertaining as ever . . . yet what a waste
Nepal:Trekking the high road in the Himalayas
Polish the apple
Japanese urge steps on US trade
Britain expels 25 Soviets on espionage charges
How can they be helped when people are suffering so much?
Adventure in the Amazon aboard a floating hotel
Future uncertain for struggling 132-year-old St. Louis newspaper. Hit by lawsuits and low on cash, paper must be sold to survive
Sky-high liability costs have wide impact. For towns, doctors, day-care centers lawsuit protection is hard to find
We put up pickles instead
Caps off to Mr. Hustle
Chief of staff Regan -- learning the fine art of political sensitivity. Criticism by lawmakers has sunk in; less confrontation marks the change
Insurance claims school funds. Universities find creative ways to counter rising costs
Trailer homes have traveled far