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Monitor Archive for September 12, 1985

SOMALIA. Secessionist mood builds in the north as military tightens grip
USA Today -- big for a 3-year-old
Japanese hope planned visit by Soviet official will warm relations
AFRICAN JOURNEY. Somali gas shortage -- or how a camel is worth more than a car
Weaver balks at talk about next season; can Jays handle media?
UNITED STATES. Gulf Coast picks up pieces after hurricane
Racial bias found in death penalty cases. Many studies reveal widespread prejudice against blacks
Australia, N. Zealand tackle tax reform
Arabs sincere about peace, US Jews say. Jewish leaders meet Egyptians and Jordanians on Mideast trip
Just Shakespeare
Does population affect the climate?
Storm before sunrise
Liner's sunken hull looks like museum piece
Adjusting to change
Mother's hours -- custom-tailoring the workweek
Object of pity?
`Golden Girls' break the rules about what's funny
Stunning scenes from Titanic's resting place
TV's stunning `Death of a Salesman'
Titanic discovery raises legal issues of ownership, salvage
The enfant terrible of German politics gets a big bash
NORTHERN IRELAND. Politicians upset by Hurd departure
Comet mission `unqualified success'. Recycled craft used in historic flight may help study Halley's Comet
BRITAIN. New Tory tack or `same old jar of jellybeans?'
can we use bold italic for `there's'? `Ah! Now there's a painter'
New Right agenda bogs down in Congress
Captured daughter of Duarte may be pawn for Salvadorean rebels
Birmingham police review community policies following outbreak of rioting
Keeping development projects in scale
Sales updraft should help Canada spin off an aircraft company
West German opposition party tries to move toward center
The crucial resource--water, part 3
Workplace seminars help parents tackle home-oriented issues
Sketches of life: children's book author Bemelmans
Botha changes policy. Abandons a basic apartheid tenet by giving S. African citizenship back to some blacks
Finding water in a dry land
Let's hear it for the blues
Finding a solution for Southeast Asia
Thin ice in Norway