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Monitor Archive for September 11, 1985

Indian `contra' groups try to get US aid
European nations decide against sanctions on S. Africa
As summer turns to autumn, put a pot of soup on the stove
A history of commitment to the American musical
Capitol Hill looks at lingering problems some S&Ls are having
S. Africa's black boycott takes hold. Organizers of consumer boycott hope to hurt white business enough that leaders will pressure government for re...
Nicolas Roeg's cinematic brilliance eludes his two latest films
Billions may be needed soon to aid US farm credit program. Any decision on bailout plan for Farm Credit System likely to be felt far outside barnyard
Supreme Court asked to look at racial bias in death penalty
Restoring the fragile land. Managing land to halt the desert's spread
A survey of English cooking schools
Noise pollution laws clamp down on radios, bagpipers
Days of decision for America's farm youth

`Star wars' seen as key issue that divides superpowers. Month before summit, Gorbachev firmly opposes space weapons
The fountain pen set
Lendl's win over McEnroe caps Czech domination at US Open
Reverential portrait of a lady who knew what made music sing
Sanctions may have gotten Reagan off hook. Democrats in Congress want stronger S. Africa action but other issues, voter apathy relieve pressure
US prepares arms deal for Jordan
Mr. Marcos and the Philippine election process
Restoring the fragile land. Stoves that save firewood
Protect religious integrity
Behind the curtain
Kingsley Amis's fearsome but funny new novel
In South Africa, reaction is mixed
'85 budget deficit may be smaller than White House estimates
401(k) retirement plan is again in the path of tax-reform scythe
Swinging in the rain
Resoring the fragile land. Spreading desert forces families to flee
Scientists' excitement grows as spacecraft nears Giacobini-Zinner
Restoring the fragile land
My half of the ark