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Monitor Archive for September 10, 1985

Who pays costs that come with granting illegal aliens amnesty?
Africa: Blueprint for survival. New Headline:Breaking the drought of ideas. It can be done, but both African and rich-nation governments must change...
Ask the Gardeners
Africa: Blueprint for survival, part 1, Breaking the drought of ideas. Population growth threatens Africa's gains
Running farm banks like businesses. Control of credit may move from local farmers to central authority
Spain's environmentalists launch campaign to save wolf from extinction
A family-run hotel for a wee golfing holiday
Rafsanjani, Iran's `No. 2 after Khomeini'. Speaker of parliament wields wide influence as a master of compromise
Coup attempt in Thailand deals blow to nation's political image
Godard's new mainstream film rejects romantic approach to drama
Paris bargemen battle tour boat operators
Lebanon's warring Christians, Muslims agree on one thing: need for Syrian help
Turkey, dissatisfied with US ties, seeks revised defense pact
Dispelling clouds
He's typing our song
Shelley on the spirit of poetry
Guns for Jordan
US Open tennis `Czech-mated'
How Reagan, Congress see sanctions
Reagan orders sanctions on S. Africa
Winter feeding
Telemarketing twist to put Jamaican lilt in US phone links
Going Back to School. Parents seek greater role in improving the schools. Interest boosted by debate over education issues, more `baby boom' parents
Afghanistan: internal incentives for Soviet withdrawal
Was Hiroshima necessary?
Return flight
A reading list on school reform
Ethnicity in America's melting pot
Israeli-occupied Hebron: a microcosm of struggle
Respecting the individual
They named a swan for him
News In Brief
Five decades later, DC-3 shows new parts keep a plane flying. Good maintenance is key to reducing air crashes
Mail-order arsenal
General Dynamics and the machinations of defense procurement By David Clark Scott
Africa: Blueprint for survival, part 1. Breaking the drought of ideas. One man's battle against desert encroachment
Putting landscape preservation on solid ground
Teacher signs in for shuttle training
Pete Rose's assault on Cobb's record spotlights difference in eras