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Monitor Archive for August 7, 1985

Giving one's life to the cause of Islam and Iran
Better teaching technology will require wider cooperation
Dutch player leaves rest of the field behind in Interzonals lead-up to 1986
West Germany, Britain, and Italy to develop fighter plane for 1990s
`Nuclear age'
Giving one's life to the cause of Islam and Iran. Guarding the revolution's Islamic standards
Issues behind baseball dispute
News-media libel law buffeted in courtrooms across US. Supreme Court decision may be needed to sort out confused libel guidelines
Fluffy '30s farce is amusing summer fare Springtime for Henry Comedy by Benn W. Levy. Directed by Tony Tanner. Starring Peter Evans, Tovah Feldshuh,...
Jordan hopes for support of Arab summit
`The way I'm made'
X. J. Kennedy's poems revel in humor, humanity
Snag a batch of blackberries
`I stop stirring when it tastes good'
Governors sing in unison of need to seek trade abroad
Public opinion and marijuana
The sailor returns to the sea -- almost
Ted Turner turns from CBS to a stake in the movie industry
S. African unions getting more political
Impeachment case may cloud Alaska governor's political future
Women gaining equal credit status, but they must exercise it
East-bloc trading group woos the European Community
Business in Philippines' sugar capital sours, leaving communists to prosper
Share SDI research
Syria's goals and its need for peace
Where young musicians rub elbows with the greats
When writers read -- 2: poets, artists, musicians
Air Force takes close look at nonnuclear strategic weapons. Shifting to `smart' weapons could confuse arms control negotiations