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Monitor Archive for August 30, 1985

Lawsuit to target aid to parochial schools. US education secretary accused of trying to evade high-court ban on parochiaid
Freeze Frames, a weekly update of film releases
Two-year college in Boston builds future for a community
Western governors urge a free-trade policy with Pacific Rim. They say US barriers would invite retaliation against West's exports
The African famine
`A walking monument to labor'
Peter J. McGuire, the founder of Labor Day
Digging into history. Children go back in timeat Indianapolis musuem
My father was a miner
Bay State lawmakers unlikely to finish session before Christmas
Britain's leftist unions suffer blow. Vote by train guards not to strike signals a new realism
South African spotlight shifts to black miners. Decision to strike shows growing power of black unions
`He's SAFE!' Coleman steals another one for the record
Trend away from alcohol causes restaurants to rethink strategies. As bar profits fall, restaurants stress elegant dining out
Water for the Southwest/ Concern for quality. Salty irrigation water threatens crops, wildlife
Jobs and workers
Excitement in early US Open tennis play; Zola Budd in top form
Citizens' group works to preserve Colorado's open land
US turns closer scrutiny on banks in money laundering
Israeli raids in Lebanon warn, and help, Amal
Home fix-up
Big business's role in politics is key issue in `Flick affair' trial
God controls
Remembering Samantha
The Blues. Unexpectedly joyous, uniquely American; from backwoods to nightclubs, it thrives
`Enchanted Musical Playhouse' series fills gap in home video for children
Experimental films show signs of a creative stirring
Politics or media warfare? Three looks at '84 election
Unrest in South Africa begins to take serious economic toll. At issue: how long can Pretoria contain unrest if the economy falters