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Monitor Archive for August 29, 1985

Worth noting on TV
Poland's solidarity -- then and now
Better marketing, not import quotas, may aid shoe firms
The paradox of S. Africa's reaction to continuing unrest
The chocolate of Chenonceau
Summer's pets often become autumn's strays
European Community comes to rescue in yacht race
Japanese masters share ancient wisdom with modern craftsmen
On choosing sides
Sri Lankan adversaries dig in heels as Gandhi tries to save talks
College football 1985: battle for No. 1 appears wide open again
Kielbasa, but no bologna
Where poverty grips most tightly. Single mothers, young children are helped least by economic recovery
Pig & Ford. Going hog-wild on the race track
Water for the Southwest/ Agriculture revisited. Water, taken from crops and given to cities, spells trouble for some
DIVAD gun gets the axe. Pentagon decision to cut Army's Sergeant York gun may mean closer scrutiny of other weapons
Perfecting US products
The trick of using one's talent
News In Brief
Reagan sticks to free-trade policy
Bernstein's new recording of `West Side Story' has split personality
Curbing abuse by nurturing respect for the young
Scrapping the York gun TY
Found: a better view of brotherhood
Picnic at Silivri -- on the Marmara Shore
Muffin, Charles, and Trail found themselves a home
Radical changes forecast for Mexican economy
A junket's value
Bonn's spy scandal not expected to threaten Kohl Cabinet. Firing Cabinet members would only please East Berlin, officials say
Gun designed to protect ground troops
The thinking behind Europe's Eureka
Eavesdropping on the world from a tiny room in Tel Aviv
Illegal immigration: CBS asks, `Whose America is it?'
Regional theater perks up Broadway. Visiting playmakers reflect a lively professionalism beyond the Hudson
Learning to plant for profit in China. Farmers find out the hard way that free-market system has its risks