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Monitor Archive for August 27, 1985

US, Soviets brace for criticism at nuclear conference. Developing countries expected to score superpowers over arms race
In S. Africa, white worries grow. Businessmen plan talks with black anti-apartheid group
Basque nationalism. Preserving Basque identity in Spain
`Mexico under the Rain' -- paintings by Vicente Rojo; `M'exico bajo la lluvia'
The age of innocence
In the garden/September. Be careful of Jack Frost; prepare poinsettias. The Monitor's monthly garden calendar is based on length of growing seasons.
John Clare on summer showers
West German spies
Harpo Marx's `confessions of a non-lady harpist'
Damage control
Weathering storms is everybody's responsibility. Meteorologists call for public awareness
Water for the Southwest/Cities conserve. Giving up green lawns for cacti, wildflowers. To save water, Tucson returns to the `dry look'
US cities want Congress to set clear priorities on nation's budget
Hong Kong airlines vie for the China trade
`Real Genius': an unexpected treat
`The loose-leaf library'
3-D computer simulations may stimulate weather forecasting
Balancing the nuclear realities
West Germans quarrel over who to blame for spy scandal
West Bank violence radicalizes Israelis
Big Wyandotte Cave. Exploring the mysteries of an underground mountain
Big names own dominant record in US Open tennis tournament
S. African activist behind prison march
An hour a week yields big harvest
Hospitality and nostalgia in Iran. Two families talk about life before and after the revolution
Spy dust -- the whys and wherefores
JFK upstages Rushmore Presidents
Cartoonist applies old values to new issues
France cleared in bombing of ship. But government faces tough task of restoring tarnished image overseas
Current-affairs books present strategies for social change
Bonn ponders implications of its spy scandal
US delegation on POWs and MIAs postpones trip to Vietnam
Concerned about earning a living?