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Monitor Archive for August 22, 1985

Ronald Reagan heritage: greatness or not?
McFarlane comes to the fore
Executive order could radically alter minority-hiring programs
Brilliance and tenacity pile up victories for Dlugy, young US pro
Worth noting on TV
Fresh approach to a special kind of family living
S. African reform
Debtor US seeks to offset creditor Japan
Geologists drilling `ultradeep' holes hope for scientific pay dirt
Springsteen summer in New Jersey
French President's art project causes stir in Paris. Mitterrand aims to put France at the forefront of artistic creativity
Two ministers' polar views on South Africa
What's ahead for PBS, Part 2. Funding: enough to thrive or just survive?
N. Korean leader puts his stamp on everyday life. Under Kim Il Sung, leisure time and refrigerators are a luxury
Stylization: avoiding a shortcut to disaster
Teamwork to fight drugs. Latin American officials, finding narcotics threaten their own security, increase cooperation with US
Lebanon's violence brings finger-pointing from all sides
Two new studies explore Soviet power
What's ahead for PBS, Part 2. Funding: Enough to thrive or just survive? A fan who became a policymaker
The right evidence
Despite killing of leader, Sikh-India accord likely to hold. Key factor is ability of Longowal's successor to unify Sikh factions
PROFILE/Natural treasures of Britain's Sir David Attenborough
One man's career switch -- from trumpet to baton
Musical chairs the most exciting game in `Big Apple' mayoral race
Planned test of antisatellite device stirs arms control debate
Reuters, once a carrier-pigeon service, is flying high in high-tech
Helsinki accords
In `Hometown,' hippies turn Yuppie
What's ahead for PBS, Part 2. Funding: Enough to thrive or just survive? Income sources for public television
Peru's battle with drugs and debt
Let some `illegals' come temporarily to the US
Feisty Texan, who sees Congress as soft on communists, aids `contras' with hard cash
Growing in grandma's garden
Canadian athletes come together to compete and make friends
Canada Cabinet shuffle aims to boost leader's sagging popularity
Filling one's niche
News In Brief
Making a knot