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Monitor Archive for August 20, 1985

Kashmir's houseboats evoke bygone era
A mother of `monetarism' relates the theory to current cycle
Lebanese wonder about Syria's ability and will to stem violence
Conservative tide that swept Reagan in may be subsiding
Johan Huizinga on finding order in the playground
Satisfying South African blacks
Nuclear waste
Passion for justice drives author Ludovic Kennedy
The Botha plan
The Parent we never have to leave
Proposed spacecraft would study effects of solar plasma. Scientists think `ubiquitous' gas may harm the ozone, affect the weather
Candidate Howard Baker
Walking, speaking
Personal income up slightly
Peru's debt and its political crisis
Ask the Gardeners, Q&A
A peek behind the walls of Buckingham Palace
BBC in uproar over issue of security checks. Image of independence marred by report in press
Vietnam keen to leave Kampuchea -- on own terms
Museums worth a visit on a trip to the capital
Two uprisings remembered in Eastern Europe. Only remnants of Prague Spring reform movement and Poland's Solidarity trade union survive today
The farm slide
Trove, anyone?
Car haulers climb back into trucks
Parks progress
Banner year for managers; Niekro brothers eye pitching mark
High-yield corn from ancient seed strains
`Starting Your Own Business'
Chile: 12 years of Pinochet
Conservative trend in Hispanic movement. Advocacy group shifts priority from social to economic issues
Dole in Tokyo gets cool response to call for trade action. But senator finds concern friction may hurt overall ties
A puzzle of historic proportions
Agricultural enzymes unlock the soil to release nutrients