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Monitor Archive for August 19, 1985

Art of portrait painting is alive, well, and incorporated
The squabble that threatens effective aid
Another success for Rajiv
Poem for a conventional lady
Plans to upgrade US chemical weapons face a crucial post-recess House vote
Polish folk song tells a poetic story
Skipper of top `cat' sets sail in Little America's Cup defense bid
Appalachia strike echoes US labor trends
Drawing children into doing their chores
US envoy ends Mideast trip amid criticism from Israeli leaders
August is . . .
This `Cyrano' has wit, poetry, romance -- but what it needs is fire
Iran regime links its survival to winning war
Thoreau's mountain and mine
Botha speech pushes US toward sanctions
For Argentine politicians, timing of verdict in junta trial is key
Vision for Botha
Letter from Catherine
Quirky business cycle in the US is a part of unusual world picture
Keep federal fair-hiring goals
All the human touches
US envoy's Mideast visit disappoints Jordan and PLO
Turning toward light
The fast lane
Employment is low but hope is high in Aliquippa
A mystery novel notable for its masterful characterizations
Becalmed Wall Street looks for a breeze
Beware, all maps!
On the verge of underestimating daughters
32 eggs get to prove they have the `right stuff'
UCLA dean urges caring approach to law. Susan Prager advocates teaching alternative ways to settle disputes
Japan not solely to blame for woes of American chip producers. US companies must alter their corporate strategies, analysts say
Botha said to have cut reforms from speech. S. African leader was to offer citizenship to some blacks
Newspaper `textbooks' lend incentive, self-respect to adult illiterates
Britain faces threat of rail strike over efficiency plan. Rail union balks at plan to phase out guards' jobs
What are Britons doing patronizing a New York bank?