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Monitor Archive for August 15, 1985

Kim Il Sung holds firm sway in North Korea. Despite slight move from isolation, regime's policies stay on course
The beat on this exchange is heavy metal
Tobacco's tenacity
Nothing retiring about retirement. Senior-citizen centers, like the one in Milton, Fla., provide older Americans with hot meals -- as well as activi...
Chairman of one top US steel firm speaks out on imports and trade imbalance
The eloquent license plate
Tense novel of residual idealism, racism
Texas attorney general ruling may hinder clergy's counseling efforts
Low-key `Daughter,' shining `Attila,' and disappointing `Norma'
No clear legal limits on `contra' aid. Does administration role in raising private funds defy spirit of law?
Road and rail traffic, a potential problem rolling through your neighborhood. Trucking deregulation has created safety concerns
US envoy's Mideast visit highlights Israeli divisions
Singapore's economic doldrums spark political concerns. Doubts involve future of parliamentary system
Green's back! PGA win returns unorthodox golfer to limelight
The momentum behind defense spending
Columbia's Osborn Elliott thinks press must meet the press
Road and rail traffic, a potential problem rolling through your neighborhood. Experts urge better safeguards for chemical shipments
A dream of a `Dream': Shakespeare as fierce social commentary
Murphy's mission
West Germany affirms right of citizens to demonstrate peacefully
Syria's Lebanon plan aims for peace, but results in violence. Fear of losing out in talks drives Christians and Muslims to fight
Chipmaker forecasts an end to doldrums in the US industry
Box turtle in the fast lane
Mazda B2000 LX
US and Nicaraguan `contras': how legal?
A conductor's life in allegro
Preventing evil
Time to cut back funds?
Worth noting on TV
Justifying cruelty: how a hard look at torture is avoided
US population shifts away from rural, back to urban centers. Midwest is biggest loser though some cities gain