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Monitor Archive for August 14, 1985

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S. Africa tries to cool expectations for reform. Profits, more than politics, are key to whether US companies stay
News In Brief
Nothing Retiring about Retirement. Retirement complexes can help older people stay in the swing of things. But activity alone can't replace the need...
Marcos beats back impeachment attempt
The mystery of mysteries
US mood & Japan
Fresh US aid puts squeeze on Sandinistas. But it's not enough to oust regime, analysts say
`Fairness doctrine': back to Congress
Social security's golden anniversary. Program has bridged gap between poverty and well-being for millions
Meaning in the music of Val'ery's verse. New study finds rhyme -- and reason -- in Frenchman's poems
Social security
Bolivia's uphill pull
The few pianomakers left in US borrowing a tune from Japan
Resurgent Carlton Fisk threatens home run records for a catcher
Kennedy Center concludes a violent season with Kabuki `Medea' and `Streamers' Medea Play by Euripides. Directed by Shozo Sato.
How to love someone you dislike
In Tehran, talk is of rice, rents, and winning war. Khomeini seems firmly in control, with no visible signs of opposition
Rock & Roll Rumble. For some of Boston's up and coming bands, this annual contest may be a skyrocket to stardom
Price or quality
Boston Globe ruling sustains press freedom. Lakian loses his libel suit and now ponders further legal options
In the town of Gilroy, the air blows fresh and fragrant
Proposal: social security out of budget
Kay Kyser -- a wandering minstrel who found his way
S. Africa tries to cool expectations for reform. Leaders debate how to placate world without alarming whites
Historic Jeffersonian favorites: corn and peas
Working ex-presidents
Assaying concern over the Krugerrand
Reagan tax reform vs. school reform
Literary journal catches the eye and the mind
Comforted with apples
Canadian grain belt hit by drought, faces poor harvest. One-quarter of area received less than two inches of rain since June
Coming full circle with social security
I, the juror