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Monitor Archive for August 12, 1985

Wall Street eyes retail sales pace for signs of economic upturn
Federal judge places legal roadblock across New York's Westway
America's parks
Israeli warnings on Jordan-PLO ties dim hopes for Mideast peace
News In Brief
Three Africas -- a legacy of tribalism and colonialism
In semester at sea, students are immersed in marine studies
A `GI Bill' to recruit America's teachers
Rebel leader Museveni angles for power in post-coup Uganda
Americans and Arabs
Sleuths may have solved `hum'-dinger of a mystery in Sausalito. A strange noise has been vexing houseboat residents
Shocking defeat deflates Becker; Philadelphia's baseball follies
All sides in Nicaragua play to US public. Abduction of US activists is latest example of how `contra' groups and ruling Sandinistas themselves try t...
Rounding bases on money issues -- a look at earned-pay averages
Baseball's back but on going woes temper the joy in Mudville
Adults find a high school education is better late than never
Florida prompts US to keep Cuban criminals in custody
US is slow off mark in effort to play role in China nuclear industry
`Karl Bodmer's America'. 19th-century painter's watercolor record of frontier life
Soviet message to reporters. Harassment of Monitor writer seen as part of effort to keep reporters from covering sensitive subjects
Feeling the touch of Love
I am beginning to notice more about my own city
Why Challenger's engine shut down
`Swan Lake' in Little Rock: Baryshnikov & Co. brings ballet to down-home USA
On watching what we watch
TV spots will urge Americans to take role in reporting crime
White House order mandates closer oversight of regulations that govern everyday life -- from food processing to mortgage insurance to air quality. P...
Arab summit contributes little to Mideast peace effort. It stresses need for Arab unity, but fails to endorse Jordan's peace plan
Sarney sets Brazil on the road to stability
Life slows down in New York steel town
What's Yupdoc? Find out on `West 57th,' CBS's slick new newsmagazine
Battling the Soviet bureaucracy to reclaim confiscated notes