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Monitor Archive for August 1, 1985

Hungary alleges Romanian rights abuses. Budapest voices concerns about its ethnic minority in Romania
Little League scoops up a big following
Carpenter Jimmy
College football's a-Mayes-ing back from Saskatchewan
Peru's President calls for Latin unity to deal with region's debt
Asia: from the Philippines to Tibet
LETTER FROM KRAKOW/Pollution and time take their toll on proud, historic Polish city
the skater:
Africa getting rain but aid still needed, UN official warns
Krakow is turning black, thanks to prosperity -- and pollution
Space-going trees aboard latest shuttle mission
Manhattan solo concert falls short of Rollins's spellbinding standard
Italy's troubled justice system -- Agca's `Bulgarian connection'
When movement is the subject
From Khartoum to Cape Town/AFRICAN JOURNEY. How the glamour of a trans-Africa trek by Land Rover can begin to wear thin
Bankers in Mexico skeptical of changes
New Zealand's political `Muhammad Ali' bows out
Buick Century T-Type geared to younger buyers
On the move?
Monarchs and milkweed in midsummer
A cheer for playing the game
Secretary Hodel takes flak from all sides
Alaska governor, in impeachment testimony, tells his side of story. Sheffield tells state's senators he can't remember crucial meeting
Worth noting on TV
No way to avoid tax hikes, politicians say. Presidential hopeful Baker splits with White House on more taxes
US-Soviet meeting leaves both sides cautiously upbeat
Pam Shriver seeking tennis breakthrough. Seven-year veteran of pro tour wants to reach final of major event again
No way to avoid tax hikes, politicians say. Taxes could boost US out of deficit, but which tax is best?
Computer graphics now allow subtle alteration of news photos. Ability to alter photographs without detection raises news ethics issue
Style, subjects give fiction collection unique coherence
Shenzhen, China: freewheeling trade and social ills. Experiment in freer economy tests patience of some leaders
Shuttle team reaps a scientific harvest, despite malfunctions
`I second that!'
Italy -- alive and well
Haulers' strike leaves new autos stranded
Modest accords
US Postal Sevice/The last monopoly. Their appointed rounds -- but at what price?
Musical podiums/Recent spate of conductor-swapping raises questions
Domestic politics has Latin lands on edge over foreign debt