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Monitor Archive for July 30, 1985

Joblessness stuck on high plateau
Lights on Regan
Discouraging words back home on the range. Ranchers' troubles include drought and a beef surplus
Gaining a balance
`Chekhov': defining the essence of the playwright
What it takes to be 20-win pitcher; key role of general managers
Illinois firms in S. Africa add little to quality of life
Ugandan stability after the coup
Where history and a personal touch are part of the service
This teen plays and the jazz world listens
The armistice with no peace
Arab-Jewish tension rises in Israel
Stocking onions
For Aunt Alma
Quotable quotes
Tanzania: drifting back to capitalism? Donor nations hope new leader will turn economy around
Little improvement in human-rights situation in Eastern Europe. Hungary is `liberal,' Czechoslovakia hard-line, and Bulgaria unnoticed
Kampuchean resistance leader threatens to resign
`The loose-leaf library'
William Shakespeare on foolish fancies
Big jobs, big lessons await US-Soviet teamwork in space
Guadeloupe tries to defuse crisis
Big-city ceilings
When the setting calls for pyramids, filmmakers avoid Egypt
Helsinki meeting seen as prelude to November summit. US and Soviet foreign ministers plan to meet for talks tomorrow
South Africa: sanctions or partition?
Cities use private firms to fill transit gaps
Knowing just when to hand details to others is a fine art
Turning Africa around
Legal clinic helps bring justice to E. Palo Alto
Fact-filled study of Ethiopian campaign breathes with life, energy
GOP jockeying around the Beltway
Tennessee hamlet awaits GM's coming
Nibbling at Shakesp. Cont.