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Monitor Archive for July 3, 1985

General urges Bonn to pave way for West Germans to join SDI
Ronald Reagan holds his popularity despite the hostage incident, at least for now. There's also increasing likelihood of a US-Soviet summit, as Gorb...
Using Soviet lend-lease payments to fund cultural exchange
The high court on church and state
Media restraint
With interest rates uncertain, a short-term strategy may be wise
Reinforcing Liberty/Draped in scaffolding, she awaits renewal
Stumped by courts, conservatives strike back on religion issue
For arms control's sake
Strike immobilizes Israel. Workers close shops, airport, and government offices in day-long protest against austerity plan
Finding a home
Mexicans disillusioned with ruling party? State elections Sunday may show political opposition gaining ground
A wacky ride in Spielberg's time machine. `Back to the Future' zips from '80s to '50s with irresistible glee
For some, trials of captivity uncover the depth of `human spirit'. Former hostages and POWs say that while their experience never completely leaves...
Yolanda pumps iron to prepare for N.Y.C. garbage-collector test
Celebrating a composer of musical theater
Reinforcing LIBERTY
Education secretary on `parochiaid' ruling
Needed: new ideas to halt spread of nuclear weapons. Easing security concerns may be key to extending nuclear treaty
European `green' tells why his ideas don't flourish in US
Florida style CLAMBAKE/Seafood from Sunshine State gives new slant to tradition
Top-seeded players head toward climax of Wimbledon fortnight