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Monitor Archive for July 26, 1985

Keep on with water cleanup
Jordan's pursuit of Mideast peace fraught with risks
Challenging time for blacks. Black civil rights groups working hard to improve image
Skepticism about Ed'en Pastora's `crash' reflects his diminishing prestige

God's children: forever employed
Nicaragua's uprooted Indians/As refugees, the Miskitos face an uncertain future, having fled into neighboring Honduras to escape Sandinista troops t...
For the man who invented elevators
Cleaning up the waste
US scientists delve into research by diving into Lake Superior
`The Engineers' Club? Gracious!'
American Academy in Rome/Vibrant retreat for US artists and scholars now searches for fiscal stability
Baseball brimming with MVP candidates; hidden-ball deception
Chamber music that hits . . . and misses
Rajiv's progress
Last chance for South Africa?
Will India's Sikh accord hold?
What sank Massachusetts' Quincy shipyard
Freeze Frames/A weekly update of film releases
BRI/Brothers Redevelopment Inc. --`helping people house each other' is what this group is all about
The Beirut 7
Boston bank investigation finds sloppy management
Challenging time for blacks. Teen unemployment is critically high, especially in cities
Whatever became of Richie? Look on the other side of the camera
Congress is bottlenecked as recess nears. Budget effort grinds on, along with bills on defense, farms, Nicaragua
France calls for sanctions against S. Africa
New small computer has Commodore saluting its future
Hodsoll veers career, boosts arts
Update/The Africa famine
`Black Cauldron' pours on the visual wizardry