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Monitor Archive for July 2, 1985

Wrong tactics
American film is a hit with Lebanese, but US government is not so popular
Teaching responsibility through encouragement, not meddling
Conversational glimpses into characters of modern artists
White election casts shadow as blacks vote in Zimbabwe
Keeping tabs on the celluloid world with American Film magazine
Kasparov grooming for his September rematch with Karpov. Challenger for world championship takes on some sparring partners
Here comes Jack Kemp
French reduce hassles of `getting there'
Syria rescues US
Polish Catholic Church's support for human rights keeps church-state ties cool
Europe's high hopes for unity fall flat at Milan summit. Pursuit of national interests put ahead of European goals
US targets Italian pasta, Europe says nuts to American lemons
Ask the Gardeners/Q&A
For Charles M. Russell
School prayer, education, teaching, and taxes
Edward Lear: lover of pelicans, limericks. London exhibit of his landscapes and birds
Populist historian Page Smith believes history is too vital to relegate to academics
China pushes law and order. Leaders fret over social side effects of reforms
World's biggest parties might be just too expensive to throw
Mirrors help sharpen images from space. Newly tested devices may compensate for atmospheric distortion
In Frankfurt, ex-hostages become normal people again -- almost
James Fenimore Cooper on an American hero
News media coverage of hostage story raises glaring questions Do they make crises worse? Did they endanger hostages?
US funnels aid to Salvador to fight terrorism. US backs investigation into caf'e slayings of US citizens
John Q. Adams
Lining up your equipment: it may pay you to lease, not buy
New ABA head sets out to polish image of legal profession
Scientists hope '86 space missions will help solve riddles about comets, asteroids
In another nod to church-state separation, court bars `parochiaid'
Annapolis -- from colonial roots to modern-day chic. This sprightly harbor town offers something for every kind of visitor Patriotic re-enactments,...
Poland manages to raise meat prices without protests
Expanding the environmental agenda
Son of Kemp-Roth: taxing consumption, rewarding saving
TERRORISM IN THE US/FBI official tallies successes against terrorists in US, despite funding problems