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Monitor Archive for July 18, 1985

I remember how water tasted from a well
A tale of two operas: why one worked and one didn't
America's most famous soap gets British TV networks in a lather
The healing power of true forgiveness
Foes' quarrel helps Arafat. PLO rebels' feud with Syria could aid peace moves
Public diplomacy
Remember, Constitution is high court's only `boss'
Keeping the public informed
Pro-life groups open own clinics to offer alternatives to abortion
Canadian takes a flier on Fleet Street. Investor sees the Daily Telegraph as revivable with new technology
A novel that doesn't live up to its cover
20th-century art at the Met
Economic balance
US may ask media to adopt code on covering terrorism
Horseless carriage vs. Dead Horse Hill
Reagan seeks court support for shakeup of affirmative action
Swept to Senate via Vietnam, Kerry takes on US policy
Worth noting on TV
Two sides to the trade story. Ambassador to Japan says problem of US trade deficit not just made in Japan
Democracy's underpinning
Swiss economy basks in an ideal balance
Ethiopia gives reluctant OK to US famine relief in guerrilla-held regions
World's top golfers set to tee off on seaside course at `The Open'
Gray skies ahead for the gray market
A serious look at a trip to Mars. Some say a joint manned flight could aid US-Soviet ties
If music be the food of love, rock on . . .
Polishing up a dusty image. Or -- must housecleaning be a dirty word?
Painting perfection
UN conference is delicate balancing act between politics and women's issues
Forging links of Scottish kinship. Overseas Scots lend special accent to international gathering
Royal St. George's course a rugged test