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Monitor Archive for July 15, 1985

Leading Chicago judge guilty of fraud
Tulane's search for model sports program
Sacking the sax's seamy image. `Poor relation' of the reeds finally getting some respect
Reagan again steering ship of state.Little political impact seen, following surgery
Helping the third-world's poor women
Most state lotteries are clean, but some corruption is seeping in
Multinationals look up as the dollar slips down
BL, Britain's state-owned automaker, seeks to shift out of neutral
Support for Reagan
`Dear diary. . .' The Home Forum Competition. `And that's not all, dear diary'
High-rise hotel rates
Looking out for the little guy in Germany
Mini-skirts are only part of the fashion trends in China
Misstep on behalf of US shoe industry
Britons debate drop in jobless rate. Some say it signals a turnaround, others say it's just a hiccup
Israeli debate: should settlers be pardoned?
Nairobi conference: women's progress
In Africa, railroads are the vital ties that bind the continent
How to liven up your leisure. Plan your spare moments -- don't fritter them away
New aggressive mood catches House Democrats. House turns to tough talk . Conservatives bury opposition on foreign policy issues
Restoring and renewing
From opossums to seals
A brilliant, entertaining view of exotic Japanese folklore
Women at UN meeting have hopes, but no illusions, about progress
US lifts ban on poison aimed at coyotes, but controversy persists
Who's going to teach the children of the baby-boomers?
US hastens to prepare nuclear power pact for visit by Chinese
All you need to do is pull up a chair to enroll in `Penny U.'
For color photographer Joel Meyerowitz, the subject is vision, the pleasure of seeing
Arms sales mean big business for France
`Must read' books about Vietnam war