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Monitor Archive for July 1, 1985

Issues in suit by United pilots are still up in the air
Scenic Nepal: in search of unity
While driving to work at 7 a.m. through the Watchung Reservation
Board rooms put on notice over job safety by convictions of film-laboratory executives
London theater heats up for record-breaking summer
NATO sets itself another nuclear snare
Geneva arms-talks impasse. Session is half over -- but hasn't got `off dead center'

Canada's cool school
Still missing
Israelis relieved by release of US hostages. Israel didn't explicitly meet hijackers' demand, but is reportedly set to free prisoners
What goes down . . .
If this bumper sticker were outlawed, would only outlaws own it?
How Syria extracted hostages from power struggle
US hostages on way home
Japan moves to cut tariffs but fails to impress trade partners. US calls it `a good first step' and prods the nation to open its markets further
Crossing swords over defense budget. Congressional panel must close gap on several issues
'85 economy has eased, the outlook is upbeat, but problems persist
W. German youths take eye-opening trips across border
Preview to Yalta: analysis of 1943 Tehran talks
How to rebuild public support for military strength
Traveling without terror
Inside view of Congress's budget conference. Negotiators agreed there was a crisis, but that's where accord stopped
Scientists gain key insights on comets by mining old data from now-silent satellite
America's Winter Olympic effort points north to Alaska in 1992
Extinct species* tongue twisters
Correcting meadow-lawn myths
A different workplace case, a different outcome
How to be a perfect houseguest
Wall Street's prominent no-no group has taken a turn for go-go
Explosive motion, exquisite stillness: two enriching exhibitions
The Lebanese prisoners held by Israel
Not everyone is wild about wildflowers
Seniors send aid to US
Women are winning elections to city, county, and state offices in ever growing numbers
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