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Monitor Archive for June 5, 1985

China and India moving toward center stage in Asian diplomacy
Ending the conflict-of-interest triangle
That ideal vacation may take some extra planning this year
Consumer outlook brightens as interest rates continue to fall. Economy still has room to grow before inflation becomes a worry
Singapore launches two projects in move toward becoming an electronic society
Making a joyful noise -- the case for music
Tiny countries roar
US and Central America -- `truth in advertising'
East-bloc players dominate early jockeying for '87 world match. Cycle begins even as title for 1984 awaits rematch
`Spring always wins'
Protecting a crop of underwater `crackers'
Pindar, the original Greek poet of praise
Poor get biggest percentage cut, rich get biggest dollar cut under Reagan plan
US and Vietnam: time for normalization?
Jackson still hopes to rescue US hostages in Lebanon
When an elegant ambler goes back to the easel
Christian Science lecturers announced
Rebecca West's digressions find freedom in framework of history
Gandhi indirectly says Pakistan lying about N-weapons. Indian leader urges US to try to stop alleged Pakistani program
Sorting out Walker spy-case damage
Just stand over there, madam
Ballet is alive and kicking up its heels in New York
Three '69 Met stars still pitching; Dempsey guards hitting secrets
Americans rank snails low, Mexican and Italian food high