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Monitor Archive for June 3, 1985

Sandinista gesture: more than meets the eye
Cheery revival of `Arms and the Man.' Shaw's once-controversial satire on military pomp is still good fun
Quebec retains little of the '60s radicalism that fueled separatism
Househusbands: The joys of managing the home front
ABC documentary takes sobering in-depth look at the unleashed power of the atom
The question of the blue gum trees
Japan casts critical eye on high-pressure academics
New waterway: boon for economy or boondoggle for taxpayers?
A jazzier Hynes may boost city's convention trade
It's shed early sheen; will core strength prevail? Apple has lost a bit of its byte
Tempest in teapot over new playoff format; a rare tennis double
The Horn Book trumpets the cause of children's books
Helping insurgencies: the real questions
There'll soon be a new bloom on Horticultural Hall
Line by line
Boston taking steps toward harbor cleanup
Heritage Plantation: museums set in a gracious country garden
Give peanut butter a new partner
City of paradoxes: crowded yet livable, rough but erudite
Calcutta: city of contrasts where poverty does not diminish pride
US takes hard line on Soviet rights violations at Ottawa meeting
A family of amateur astronomers
Do you welcome change?
Beirut clashes alter factional alliances. Many expect the Syrians to intervene, but not necessarily militarily
The Democrats' `message of tomorrow'
A fresh face on the growing Back Bay
Bending the twig: the need for preschools
The Iran-Iraq war
Tax reform: less hype, more-sober analysis is what is needed
Design plan for San Francisco envisions shorter high-rises and more open space
More states move to 21 as minimum age for drinking liquor
Tennis scores an ace with French
Polishing up century-old `jewel' of a park
Document spells out alleged Soviet role in Ethiopia
It's dullsville today in Massachusetts politics, unlike lively times past
Blacks say right to vote isn't enough. Wave of civil rights lawsuits challenges local voting practices in US
Congress takes on S. Africa
Bangladesh debates resettling stricken area
When the picnic runs out of steam . . .
Wildflower garden is ideal for strolls -- plays educational and preservation roles, too
How to find -- and prepare -- ye olde Boston cuisine
Unions strike New York hotels; guests make do