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Monitor Archive for June 28, 1985

Hostages: American and Shiite
Our Founding Fathers
Nonnuclear nations urge superpowers to control nuclear arms
As the world turns in media mergers: plots move forward
Revolting tale at the Kennedy Center Coyote Ugly Play by Lynn Siefert. Directed by John Malkovich. Cast includes Laurie Metcalf, Moira Harris, Franc...
Ask an Archtect
Urgency and Unity
Colorful onstage reunion of favorite Disney characters
For US, it's English
Title IX's legacy in bloom. Legislation that opened up women's athletics has widening impact on schools, students, society
Court limits union power over workers
Violence in South Africa sends tremors across the subcontinent
`Pale Rider': black hats against white hats, and no shades of gray
The Holy Ganges
Berry picking
South Africa: the struggle against apartheid
Reagan chooses diplomacy over force in handling hostage crisis
Berri under pressure. US, its allies -- and perhaps Syria -- lean on Shiite leader to end hostage crisis
New TV rating tools may bolster programming. Advertisers will know if you walk out during commercials
$1.35 billion penalty sends jolt through nuclear-power industry. Stockholders of New York power firm must foot bill
W. Europe decides to pull together on defense research. `Eureka' would keep some `star wars' type research in Europe
Yugoslav serves up major upset as Wimbledon sloshes along
Fruit and fowl
Adjusting the fuel-economy equation
Reagan tax plan running into more opposition
States try to halt grasshoppers munching through Western US
Health and God's ever-presence
The night the shoe glue blew
Women speak out on nuclear issues
Storing nuclear waste/The runners-up. As US hunts for atomic waste site, runners-up hold their breath
Women in Egypt mobilize to protect their marital rights
Nobody really knows what it costs to run Massachusetts
France weighs risks of playing both fierce and friendly in Beirut