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Monitor Archive for June 26, 1985

Qaddafi pursues dual strategy in effort to expand Libya's influence in Chad
America's good guys (and gals) in new role
Fresh salmon and peas, for Fourth of July
Combating terrorism/Turning world against terrorists. Britain gains on IRA terror
Fighting communism in South America
Herbert Blomstedt: a director who will uphold SFO's legacy of honest excellence
Arizona's Babbitt explores the Mexican connection
Precise figures
The two worlds of Abraham Lincoln
Combating terrorism/US at work to make its embassies more secure. Report urges relocation of US posts, use of new technology
Improving a bad credit rating
Japanese-American challenges World War II internment policy
Columbia River site, a part of nuclear power's past, may be called on again
Honor at Andrews
Imaginative choices, uneven singing mark St. Louis Opera Theatre
Divine protection
Herr an unexpected pacesetter at plate; Hawkins finally halted
July Sky chart/Northern Hemisphere gazer's guide. The sky chart is designed to correspond to the sky at 10 p.m. the first of the month, 9 p.m. in th...
The cheerful taker
For car-owners -- stealing the opportunity from car thieves
Two Sikhs, fugitives from US, may be linked to plane explosions
How can we keep the world's terrorists from violating us all?
Colloquial English translation enlivens Gogol's comic tales
SHIITE EXTREMISM/Arab Gulf states are particularly vulnerable to attack
Climbing without ropes
Brothers' keepers
`Another wee slice of bread?'
Reynolds issues: integrity and civil rights
Yuppie tale by an author on verge of serious fiction
Whites warm to life in Zimbabwe, but cool to election
Children serve as natural goodwill ambassadors abroad
Amnesty International poll says Americans' support for death penalty is soft
Business highlights/Conviction of market journalist bolsters white-collar crackdown
Environmental groups set aims for progress in 21st century
Reassessing Christina Rossetti's pure, passionate poetry