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Monitor Archive for June 24, 1985

New York art galleries that sizzle in summer
London prepares for third international airport
The divine order and its healing effect
Community music centers around the country offer `arts for all'
US-Soviet relations sour as Kremlin focuses on problems at home
Storing nuclear wastes/Choosing the sites. How can you store waste for 10,000 years?
French Socialists kick off electoral campaign squabbling
Following Khomeini's edict. Lebanon's Shiite groups, which vary in strength and militancy, ultimately look to Iran for guidance
Current GNP figures suggest a period of sustained US growth
How school chief turned district around. For Cortines, communication was key to San Jose success
Paris Bourse on threshold of computer era
Traveling the high seas
China's `red capitalist' takes on the West. Wang Guangying is the first mainlander to set up a private business in Hong Kong
Money can't buy happiness -- but living in another nation may
A peek at US economic pickup had bulls and bears shuffling
Timely action on chemical weapons
A historic session in S. Africa. First sitting of nation's multiracial Parliament leaves members of right and left wings unhappy
Leaf time
Going against the grain of commercial theater
Plan to release 31 Lebanese eases pressure on Israel
Met's bow
Peking's `Wildman' jolts theater-goers
Challenging corporate US on world hunger
US & South Africa
Talks aim to loosen Soviet-Afghan knot
Probing the world of species in danger. Quarterly special conveys vivid sense of wonder
I sort of have a Hopper
Quebec's ruling party faces uphill battle to stay in power
In Sudan, aid workers keep on truckin' food to famine victims
`Crown jewel' of the nation's synfuels program is in jeopardy
Bush's high profile helps him lay groundwork for 1988 campaign
Nurturing family, community, and self
It is not difficult
Of cars and streets