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Monitor Archive for June 21, 1985

Pilot recalls 1972 hijack
To Giamatti, education isn't job training
US financial planners look for yardsticks
Sense of persecution fuels Shiite resurgence. Israel accuses US of `playing games'
What prompts so many young teachers to get out of the profession?
Foster care by homosexuals: a survey of states and their policies. Members of a gay rights group in Massachusetts camped overnight Wednesday in fron...
A bridge from Paris to Canton
Growing up on chocolate
Sharing family finances with kids: strike a balance
News In Brief
Sense of persecution fuels Shiite resurgence.
North's seven-year wait for another win ends at bizarre US Open
You needn't be Mr. Getty to give an allowance
With a will, there's a way to determine sharing with heirs
The land of Oz is still appealing, though not quite the same old place
Waging the worldwide battle against torture by governments
Teaching youngsters to save. Everything from piggy banks to brokerage accounts
UAL puts the driver, the flyer, and the lodger under one roof
First tips on handling earnings
Terrorist attack in Salvador:new guerrilla strategy?
The essence of the whole caper
Chicopee jurors
Chemical weapons
Motion Furniture. A little slimming down, a little more style -- recliner chairs are moving ahead
Massachusetts' Dukakis moderates his liberal stand in 2nd term
Lining up those summer jobs
Economic growth picks up speed. GNP `flash' shows 3.1% gain in 2nd quarter; inflation remains low
Biography of the man who helped unify Italy
After years of gains, civil rights in Sunbelt faces threat of apathy
A frank, affectionate meeting with Nancy
Holding on to the US water supply
In Chile, lifted state of siege means return of opposition press
Support for Reagan tax reform softens in Congress
TWA hijacking: Another chapter in Ronald Reagan's education
Q&A/Whether to borrow for a new car when you can pay cash; a matter of tax identification numbers
Raising a family in Belfast
It's the decade of . . . what?
FAO says local management is one way to preserve world's forests
Jacques Cousteau TV special: an exploration into the explorer himself
From the summit
Helping youngsters get beyond the tooth fairy
US hostage crisis differs from Iran in '80. Tangible demands and international law could bring easier resolution
A fine guide on children's money is available again
Big steel sees profits in small processors