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Monitor Archive for June 19, 1985

When high-tech sags, it hits a wide circuit
Contras and Costa Rica feel the heat of Nicaraguan war. Sandinistas gain against rebels, but unlikely to triumph soon
Risks with rebels
Judicial challenge: discerning truth
Reagan ready to drill holes in Hill water-project `pork barrel'
No kidding -- US goat cheese is catching on
Israel appears to harden its stance
US finds it hard to use military might against terrorists
Swordsman in the landscape of imagination. Paul Z. Rotterdam moved to the United States from Vienna in 1968. Ten years later, after numerous exhibit...
Manila's days of parades and protests
A `Ring' cycle worthy of Wagner's grand design
Information: a status symbol
Pinning down low rate on a home mortgage via computer clearinghouse
Boyle's moral essays chart the century's contours
Changing the Pentagon's buying habits
Offbeat `Prizzi's Honor' serves up cynicism with a smile
Cupcake's snack
Incisive, witty book probes forces shaping modern fiction
Fall of Portugal's coalition bolsters critics of system
Lots and lots of magazines
Pay equity for jobs held by women:how states and cities put it into practice
Urban progress
No kidding -- US goat cheese is catching on. Home, home on the farm -- where the goats roam
Dishwashers and other divers after the meaning of work
Leo Durocher travels memory lane, with a stop at Dusty Rhodes
Across the land, strike up the band
Improving the lot of women in remote Burkina Faso