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Monitor Archive for June 14, 1985

An airport layover in Athens? Plan a quick visit to the Acropolis
`Active measures'
Ask the Gardeners
In silence
Father's Day: but no vulcanized eggs?
Videoculture 5/TV's future: will content catch up to technology?
Paul Taylor celebrates its 30th with a brilliant spectrum of dances
The case of the unsmiling flight attendant
Coming together on African hunger
Fighting terrorism: CBS delves into the moral questions
Exxon mine project in Colombia nettles US coal community
Movie techniques making `reel' life loom larger on the screen
Reagan and Gorbachev toss insults, but also carry on with the business of the day
SALT II: the diplomatic option
TAHITI/Around the World in 72 Days
The Great Glass Adventure
Reaping the bonuses for frequent flying
Sampler from Federal Writers Project celebrates US diversity
Refugee bill could pit Massachusetts against US government
US hopes to draw India into a `more balanced nonalignment'
Videoculture 5. Hector and HDTV: tomorrow's television technology
US opposition to Sandinistas solidifies. But House still unsure how far the US should go in helping the `contras'
Democrats trying to change emphasis of Pentagon's budget. Aspin says Democratic plan must not be seen as weak alternative
Horse-trekking in the Wyoming wilderness. An eight-day adventure that recaptures the spirit of the Old West
Keeping track of the subs. Alleged spy's skipper now has second thoughts
`Miss Universal Happiness' is too flamboyant for its own good. Miss Universal Happiness. Play written and directed by Richard Foreman.
When a puddle turns into a mud bath
The unreasonable man
Good rains may produce bumper crop in Tanzania. But storage and equipment problems could undercut gains
Undiscovered it's not, but Deer Isle is truly unspoiled
On the trail of Halley's tail: special tours for comet fans
Vancouver Island wilderness resort specializes in the great outdoors
Keeping track of the subs. Technology helps give US subs their stealthy edge
A beaver, a pearl, and a story of values
As Islamic fundamentalism rises in Egypt, government feels heat
Manager seeks keys to erasing classroom chaos
Time after time, a zinger of a line
Treasured up forever
In a corner of Texas, parties watch for signs of swing to the GOP
Warning to Massachusetts GOP: watch that right-ward tilt