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Monitor Archive for June 11, 1985

Horatio Alger on newsboy's progress
Reform movement in Philippine military chips at Marcos's power
Lakers overcame decades of frustration in beating Celtics for title
Turkish-Cypriot leader's victory bolsters policy of preserving separate state
Brazilian prisoners protest crowding. But government has yet to provide solution to problems in the prison
Riviera sun shines on high-tech as well as tourism
What can happen
RITZ of the North. Venerable Minaki Lodge brings back the rustic elegance of a more leisurely era
Kassala, Sudan: world's tastiest grapefruit and a $1.71 hotel room
The old gardener
From old auto tires to a great leaky hose
The best education
Tax reform
Zola and Njavwa
Turner probes secrecy at CIA
Museum of atheism reminds Lithuanians of church-state clash
An herb bath a day keeps the summer bugs away
Running Mao's film backward: doffing a million uniforms
International trade
Pebble mulches
Made in America
Canada's Liberals begin to rebuild strength in Tory stronghold -- Ontario
Where to look for nest eggs to hatch your enterprise soundly
Reagan decides to abide by SALT II. But President keeps options open for US response to Soviet violations
Comedy, fantasy, and melodrama on a park bench I`m Not Rappaport Play by Herb Gardner. Directed by Daniel Sullivan. Starring Judd Hirsch, Cleavon Li...
Many a saver passing up higher-yield money accounts
Small UN agency, with big impact on famine, faces hard times
Fast-food duck and Sechuan Cola? Welcome to the new capitalist China
Pennsylvania neighborliness
China reacts angrily to US pressure on population control
VIDEOCULTURE 2. At home with the video revolution
Congress may raise limit on liability for nuclear-plant accidents. By reforming the 20-year-old Price-Anderson Act, lawmakers could affect other haz...
Why SALT II survives
Ask the Gardeners
Lakers' pride
Fix the holes in your hose