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Monitor Archive for June 10, 1985

TIBET/China's backdoor swings open, quietly ending years of Tibetan isolation
Less Marx, more science for Peking students
An all-in-the-family dairy -- relatively speaking
Kidnap mars Israeli exit. Actions of South Lebanon Army bring Israel into confrontation with UN and heighten tension
California prepares to divert toxic irrigation drainage from US wildlife refuge
Children's needs
What the numbers mean
Dubuffet: the `barbarian' who became king of French art
Can UHF and LPTV compete with DBS and MMDS on my VCR? Making sense of TV technology's alphabet soup
Vegetable cookery
TREASURE/7th century English manuscript for sale
Justice's Reynolds walks calmly over hot political coals
Business view of tax plan. President Reagan's reform is likely to pit high-tech sector against heavy industries such as steel, autos
School boards losing trustee tradition, gaining more women
An eagerly awaited smorgasbord of new one-acts
Hotel union scurrying to organize workers. New York strike focuses on issues involved in big-city surge of new rooms
BRITAIN. Soccer violence takes its moral, economic toll
Reagan team eager to tighten ties with India
Compulsive Gambling: Legislative logjams. Reform mired in red tape, public apathy
VIDEOCULTURE 1/TV -- for better or worse, a window on the world
More growth in US jobs again accents services, not smokestack America
Determinedly seeking seals
Asian bank failure spurs push for reform
The stock market's hot but the forecast is hazy
Pieces of Milky Way puzzle are falling into place and point to black hole at core