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Monitor Archive for May 6, 1985

Are we servants?
Then and now: the teacher of America's best writers of the past
Efforts to unify key black resistance movements in South Africa falter
Competition among brokerages: might their stocks be a `buy'?
Israel's unity government and peace
Move over cricket -- snooker's taking over as the national pastime in Britain
Flood of illegal imports puts trade deeper into red. US jobs lost, company reputations damaged, study by House shows
When children choose to help with household chores
Advice to today's Cinderellas: fit yourself for a job, not a slipper
Then and now: the teacher of America's best writers of the past
Bar code now lets newspapers track sales, circulation
Watching for the trends that swirl about one's feet
GOP's fading budget-cut goals
A hesitant economy; slow-moving Congress; guilty E. F. Hutton
`Fine' at its finest when it satirizes psychiatry
Florida slum-buster revives ghettos by renewing city spirit
A literary critic who raised criticism to the level of literature
Stanford U. Press director relishes `the last refuge of the generalist'
Violence in key Indian states keeps government on its toes
Foreign students: a change of face in US. Asians fill the gap as fewer Mideast students stroll American campuses
The simple bare amenities -- from fireplaces and fountains to hot tubs and heaters
`Black Muslims' shift from militancy to emphasis on religion
Ethiopia and West clash over famine. Regime's determination to close relief centers is only one issue
Indianapolis to roll out red carpet during '87 Pan Am Games
More juice for Americans
US colleges --diploma's value
Bringing a sense of service to family law
Companies split labor with dual-pay scale. Two-tiered system cuts salary for newcomers, preserves it for veterans
Japanese venture capitalists: a new breed. More young entrepreneurs strike out on their own with high-tech vision

President stresses healing and partnership. Reagan recalls Holocaust, stresses US-German unity
British centrists make grass-roots gains
Yugoslavia without Tito: achievement to build on
`Spaceflight': the real stuff. PBS version of the space story proves fact can be more exciting than fiction