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Monitor Archive for May 29, 1985

Some welcome stability in Italy's politics
The class of '85
Concertos of the season. Most were traditional, but standouts included an early Tchaikovsky piece
Ants and candles. Dress a picnic up or down, and it's still a casual time.
Indy 500 paralleled up-and-down life of winner Danny Sullivan
Guatemalan's plea to her son: `flee'. `The Army was going to take me; guerrillas wanted to take me, too.'
Companies say they don't bear sole blame for high-cost weapons. Usual way of pricing won't wash in defense, some add
Integrity and arms
Us and downs -- the adventures of a kite-flyer
Bangladesh mounts relief effort after cyclone. But efforts are hampered by continued flooding
ROLLIN'ON THE RIVER. Paddle-wheeler revives a Mississippi tradition
Despite tattered economy and ongoing war, Salvador's Duarte rides high for now
I came to see my mother in a very different light
United States: learning its lessons
The Home Forum Competition
`Immediate delivery'
Congress: clean up America's water
Soviets, lagging behind West, press for wider computer literacy
David Quammen's sidelong views of science
Borrowing from our children
Light and air
The importance of tracking your cash flow. Good monitoring, spurring prompt payment are vital to clinching profits
Small loans still run in 18% range, so it's good to shop around
`Angry Housewives' popularity is a mystery worth pondering Angry Housewives Musical comedy by A. M. Collins. Directed by Linda Hartzell.
Prayer and priorities
Dollar's strength, Britain's charms signal record year for visitors from America
France's ruling Socialists raise a ruckus by reasserting state control over media
When Halley's comet passed by before
In Canada, new budget package pleases business, but riles the opposition
I crossed with Grandma and the White-handed Viscount
Bangladesh and its environment
Reagan's big selling job: a new tax plan. Middle Americans want loopholes closed but don't want to lose individual deductions