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Monitor Archive for May 24, 1985

Syria ready to step into Lebanese crisis. Even Lebanese who have long resisted Syrian influence now say it is only salvation
Sand and sounds of old Khartoum. Social unrest, a dust-filled swimming pool, and a people determined to `make things work' welcome reporter to a cit...
Steering a course toward growth
E. Europe's economic reformers press on. Hungary and Yugoslavia face austerity, growing consumer demands.
Vietnam Memorial
Off Broadway -- happy birthday to a state of mind
Speeding up Europe's economy
Massachusetts Democratic Party has the members, but no spark. New party platform drafted with little debate and few top leaders involved
Democrats in Massachusetts need to stoke the party coals
Children in want
Seeds of reform sown in French universities. Sagging economy points up need for technical education, competition
US bankers: Argentina has ability, but not the will, to pay debts. Restoring nation's self-confidence could help its battered economy by halting flo...
S. Africa admits troops still in Angola despite withdrawal pledge. Angola says S. Africa units hit oil complex
How is management doing at the banks? The quality isn't bad, but new stress on growth calls for unusual savvy
By extension
Scientists revive weather satellite that tumbled in space for nearly a year
Rating the fall lineup
Fact-based drama probes to heart of Salem witch hunt
Gas surplus in US accentuates marketing maze
House leader's principled reflections
Queens and Emperors
Enough said
You don't have to accept suffering!
MX's waning support could send strategists back to drawing board
Peter Sellars's debut at the Kennedy Center: an audacious ``Count of Monte Cristo' The Count of Monte Cristo Adapted from play by Alexandre Dumas. D...
House and Senate set to lock horns over '86 budget deficit trims
BRIDGEMARKET:A world of cuisine -- Thai appetizers to French desserts -- at 1987 food mart
Memorial Day
An energy industry that has gas to burn -- and more help for cutting imports
Britain and China to ratify Hong Kong treaty