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Monitor Archive for May 20, 1985

Why I sew
Ethiopia makes money on donated food aid
Nouns of address
Novel of Soviet underground is great bear-hug of a book
United ticket holders queue for seats on other airlines. Strike means long lines, roundabout routes, crowded airplanes
Being a single woman in Manhattan has its funny side
Japan strives to reform strong but rigid educational system
A bouquet of excerpts on garden design
Investors set their sights on interest-rate drop. Battening down portfolios with rate-sensitive stocks
How now, Dow Jones? The index can be misleading
Taking attendance is new political game on Hill. Roll calls recorded for election playback
Federal Reserve moves to inject fresh incentive into sluggish US economy. Fed drops discount rate half point; two major banks cut prime rate
Country sounds in the nation's capital
Growth forces rustic New Hampshire to update its government
China's vice-premier in Eastern Europe for trade talks
How Feds collar white-collar criminals. Zeroing in on defense firms, brokers, insiders requires fresh, tight cases
FCC's Fowler: free-market `ideologue' or free-speech champion?
Weinberger prepares for NATO meeting. Talks likely to dwell on `star wars' and allies' contributions to defense
Learning about toe shoes and tutus
The touch of the Christ
Treason trial opens opens today in South Africa. At issue: how much forthrightness will be permitted by officials
The seamstress
New twist at Indy: top engines similar to those in passenger cars
FATHERS: making the moments count
Taxes and equity
US and India: a `turf' problem
Inspecting military: '80s forces rank high
Has US economy hit a `growth recession'?That's a tough call
GILBERT & GEORGE. Their mural-size images startle and provoke, but do they really deserve `sacred cow' status?
`Reading, writing, and arithmetic'
Show-length ads: why Johnny wants a Gobot
Gorbachev may try to box Reagan into diplomatic corner at UN
The thread snapped
Hearts and crafts