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Monitor Archive for May 17, 1985

Did Byron like onion soup?
Restoration tax break
Offshore oil reserves down, except off sensitive California coast
Labor pacts take moderate tack amid forecasts of slow economy
Inquiry into Chile's violence may lead to showdown with regime
Senate's first foreign-aid bill in years. In $12.8 billion US aid package, Israel and Egypt are the big winners
Eliminating those legislative `study panels' that skirt hot topics
World architectural atlas is an education to armchair travelers
Baseball's drug-testing plan well-intentioned but raises questions
Progressive women and their contributions
Independent cinema:new talents off the beaten path
HOME FURNISHINGS. Home entertainment centers and popular `Eurostyle' dominate trends at the Southern Furniture Market
Junk bonds offer more flavor than the plain vanilla kind
Who to watch in Washington's power politics as Reagan's ability to deliver lessens
As banks diversify, some begin to take on planning services
`What About Mom and Dad?' -- straight talk on caring for the aged
A new age of liberal arts colleges?
Sticker standards
Even in the homestretch, Seabrook reactor faces formidable obstacles
Soviets announce crackdown on alcoholism
Match the advice to your needs and goals
New Jersey declares emergency as Northeast continues to dry out. Water rationing in effect in northern part of state
A look back 35 Years: Stuyvestant High School, New York City
Basketball's superstar folk hero -- Larry Bird
Taiwan taste treats: curry doughnuts, taro ice cream
Business highlights
The year for remembrance of wars past
Insurance companies upgrade expertise of their planners
Getting a plan through a broker. The advice may be free but a sales pitch is likely
Polaroid developing new products to snap back in sales, profits
Consensus and continuity
Should you seek a planner who's on fees, commission -- or both?
Human impulsiveness versus spiritual impulsion