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Monitor Archive for May 16, 1985

Going to court?
US uses new `weapon' in war of ideas with USSR
United pilots appear ready to strike. Outcome will likely set standard for industry, test union's strength
Stun guns getting more popular -- and controversial
Assumptions challenged: Ethiopian famine, and Irish discontent
News In Brief
Sweden adopts austerity plan as nation's boom goes bust
Invigorating Atlanta troupe is fascinated with all things Southern
Donning hats in honor of millinery stylist Mme. Paulette
Dwight Willey builds the load
Welcoming Sudan's rapprochement with neighbors, USSR
Middle East: preconditions for talks have declined
Hutton and Thayer: clearing the ledgers
Watching wars come and go along world's oldest cease-fire line
Under Ethiopian sun, grain sits and rots
Ortega collects warm words of support on European trip. Yet his visit is unlikely to drum up much concrete aid
Not just another cute scene
FALL fASHION. This year's collections sport lavish touches, but simplicity and an overall mood of restraint prevail
Reagan's judicial legacy will linger long
A changing Japan seen through youthful eyes
Free-trade debate: a US professor speaks out on the `con' side
Baseball standings and statistics, Including games of Tuesday, May 14
Spate of books marks Vietnam anniversary
Reports of rain lure Ethiopian refugees back to land that might not support them
To Install Chagall. Major exhibition opens at Philadelphia Museum of Art this week
Chinese array their broad investment vistas for more Western businessmen
Pontiac Fiero GT: stylish and powerful, but not spacious
He only had eyes for wool